Comprehensive set of services and products for all project stages
Expertise from leading specialists
Scientific and technical potential of the leading university
Ability to deliver field development projects «on a turn-key basis»
Software products adopted to client's needs
Priority area of our work is creation and implementation a wide range of services for hydrocarbon development.

Company was founded in 2018 in tandem with IT company for commercialization of software products and technologies.

The creation of solutions in hydrocarbon development achieved through the cooperation between companies and the scientific potential.
Today hydrocarbons extraction is becoming more and more challenging. Volumes of easy recoverable oil decrease meanwhile hard recoverable oil increase.
The company grows fast and the number of projects increases. We always trying to keep the best quality of services and products and strive to look for approaches to solve the Client's challenges. That's why if we faced with inability of the existing software to properly solve the issue, we develop software modules of even solutions. This result achieved by a collaboration of experienced engineers, researchers and software developers.