We develop integrated solutions for the green fields development and offer solutions for the reengineering of existing utility networks


Determine well pads optimal number and location for drilling purposes
Automate the multivariate comparison of cost relations of well pads construction expenses to drilling costs of all wells on the pad.
Lay out the optimal routes of linear utility networks
Take into account local topography, technological and regulatory restrictions while planning utility networks.
Select surface facilities according to different development scenarios and technological parameters
Account for the asset development horizon according to the P10, P50, P90 scenarios and changes of extracted hydrocarbons properties e.g. water cut increase, GOR change, etc. .
Prepare a feasibility study for a reconstruction / reengineering program
Identify the potential for cost optimization.
Create hypotheses and prove them with math answering the question "What if?"
Provide scientific, technical and expert support while making investment or operational decisions.
Conduct an independent expert review of decisions made
Deliver a "second opinion" and justify changes or improvements to previously made decisions. Prepare an expert report..