Select the most optimal technologies and effective solutions for field development through a series of multivariate calculations and uncertainty analysis


Define key concepts of field development
Define key parameters effecting on field development on the basis of analytical correlations and machine learning techniques.
Define technologies application range on the basis of multidimensional decision-making matrix.
Optimize and gain efficiency of field development and reservoir pressure maintenance systems
Select forward drilling areas.
Determine exhausted wells and select optimal well intervention techniques to improve well efficiency.
Optimize reservoir pressure maintenance system.
Select the most effective well completion design
Minimize risks during the selection of well type, well completion design, length of horizontal section and number of frac stages.
Rank decisions according to economic efficiency.
Evaluate efficiency of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques
Select and assess optimal EOR techniques.
Plan research program and implement experimental results during simulation modeling process.
Take into account sensitivity analysis of all EOR risks and uncertainties.
Replicate of evaluated EOR effects field-wide.